Welcome to LAISON!

LAISON is a company focus on smart metering.
Nowadays, more and more countries start to talk smart metering for electricity, water and gas. LAISON was established in 2012, but the experience on metering can track back to 2004.
LAISON achieved great success in 2016, since this year the company becomes the leading company for STS prepaid water & gas meters. More and more clients choose LAISON because of the smart meters performance and system solution.
LAISON has a few typical features to be success. For example, the company is specialize on the global market which enable the company provide the technical support and technical training service to overseas client, 2nd the company’s solution like Split STS prepaid water meters with AMI options, blue tooth STS prepaid water meters has obviously advantages on performance. 3rd, the company have strong ability on software development which provides the additional value to meters, such as smart phone App for NFC, STS, and mobile payment etc.

We believe these advantages have significant influence on the clients for choose LAISON, and all the success cases in countries like Egypt, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa etc. provides good reference to global customer.

Also looks for Brilliant Corporation between all the partners and LAISON IN 2017!

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Raymond Zheng, Managing Director of LAISON Group