Welcome to LAISON! LAISON is a company focus on smart metering.

First of all, thanks for all your supporting to LAISON in 2017, enable us to have great progress in the past 2017.
We find our new position in 2017, To be the Technical Partner of Utility companies in metering field.
Since we understand it deeply that the technology will be out-dated, but the ability of innovation will keep the company outstanding, We hope through the innovation on metering and billing technology, helps the utility companies to improve the billing efficiency and decrease the Non-revenue water.
On the technical side, in 2017 we have accomplished following solutions:
1) LAISON AMI, AMR and Walk by Solutions for Remote Data Reading.
2) LAISON Remote Charging (POS) Solution for STS prepaid water meter, Smart card meters.
3) Online Payment Solution for E-bank, Mobile money etc. Which improves billing efficiency.
LAISON is the company who has the most complete series prepaid & AMI metering, Billing solution, There is always one solution suitable for you.
About the markets side, I’m glad to say in 2017 we worked very well to serve more clients in Africa and other area countries, the typical projects including:

Country Projects Description
Angola STS Prepaid AMI Smart Water Meter
Egypt Smart Card Prepaid Water Meter
Zambia Plastic Split STS Prepaid water meter
Malawi Volumetric Split STS Prepaid AMI water meter & TNM/Airtel Mobile Money Payment Integration
Mozambique Plastic Split STS Prepaid water meter (3 Pilots)
South Africa STS Prepaid Gas Meter, Hot Water Meter & system Integration
Sub Total Qty. 100,000+

LAISON is a company who has more than 45+ sites for different kinds Prepaid water/gas meters in the overseas market, this figure indicates that LAISON is the leading company in the  Prepaid Smart water meters markets though five (5) years continuously moving ahead.
In 2018, we will formally launch the Split Type Ultrasonic STS Prepaid water meters, NBIoT/GPRS Network mobile prepaid AMI Smart water meters, and Web based LAPIS system runs in Linux/MySQL Cloud Server which helps client to operate STS vending network easily.
Finally, let’s Find LAISON to Have Your Own Prepaid Meters in 2018!
Sincerely yours

Mr. Raymond Zheng
Managing Director, Co-Founder