PPS Visits LAISON for Prepayment Gas Meters.

Information Sources: Department Release date 2017-01-10 Number of visits: times

Mr. Irvan  from PPS, One of the biggest Gas Company in Indonesia, visits LAISON for knowing more about LAISON prepayment gas meters.

LAISON has introduced its gas metering solutions to PPS, including RFID card type prepayment solutions and STS solutions and AMI solutions. STS plus AMI  solution(by remotely charging gas meter and valve control)  had made Mr. Irvan excited about LASION's advanced technology.

LAISON has been keeping searching Indonesia market a lot, for both smart water meters and smart gas meters. PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN), as a 57% government -owned big gas company, LAISON had also sent proposal to them to introduce LAISON STS and AMI solutions.