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Smart Card Prepaid Water Meter

LAISON Smart Card Prepaid Solution adopts Philip Mifare S70 Card to realize Prepayment Function and the bi-directional communication between Meter & Center System for data transfer. Meanwhile, for Water Vending, besides the traditional Water Vending at Vending Points by Cash, LAISON also developed Mobile Vending Solutions via POS (Point of Sale) or Smart Mobile Phone with NFC Function. Moreover, by integrating with local E-payment Platform, the End-user could do Water Purchase on his own and do payment through Mobile Money, Online Bank etc., which makes the Water Purchase much more convenient and avoid the heavy investment in establishment of Vending Points for Water Authorities.



1. Basic Functions:

  • Insufficient Water Warning

  • Emergency Water (Overdraft)

  • Anti-water Storage (Purchase Limitation)

2. Battery Power Management:

  • 2 Levels of Low Battery Warning

  • Data auto-save when battery off

3. Secure & Anti-tamper:

  • AES / 3DES Encryption to ensure the data security
  • Anti external magnetic interference

4. Data & Event Record:

  • 10 years' Monthly Consumption Data Record

  • 10 years' Hourly Consumption Data Record Optional

  • Meter Event Record during whole lifespan

5. Human-based Functions:

  • Non-switch off during holidays, weekend & off-duty time

  • Social Amount (Monthly Free Consumption)