Smart Card Prepayment Energy Meter
Three-Phase Prepayment Energy Meter
Three Phase Smart Card Prepayment Energy Meter

DTSY541 electronic three-phase multi-tariff prepayment electricity meter (hereinafter called “meter”) with a shielded and air-proofed structure, handle, and can store data by advanced single-chip processing system. It features in low power consumption, high precision, security and high durability.
The meter has multi-tariff metering and monthly billing function. The infrared and RS485 communication provide necessary condition for power automation management.
The meter complies with IEC62053-21 active energy Class 1 and 2 international standards.
Multi-tariff and prepayment function comply with GB/T15284-2002 and GB/T18460-2001.

1. General

  1. Accuracy: Active Class 1 or 2

  2. Reference voltage: 3*220~240V/ (380~415)V

  3. Rated current: 3*1.5(6) A, 3*5(20) A, 3*10(40) A, 3*15(60) A, 3*20(80) A

  4. Reference frequency: 50Hz

  5. Starting current: Less than 0.002In (transformer connected Class 1 meter);     Less than 0.004In (direct connected Class 1 meter);     Less than 0.003In (transformer connected Class 2 meter);     Less than 0.005In (direct connected Class 2 meter)

  6. Creeping: With anti-potential logical design

  7. Dimension: 278mm*174mm*77mm

  8. Weight: Approx. 2.5 kg

2. Electronic Parameters

Normal working voltage range


Limit working voltage range


Power consumption in voltage circuit

Less than 2W and 5VA

Power consumption in current circuit

Less than 1VA

Battery voltage


Battery capacity


Data store without power

More than 10 years

Daily clock error

Less than 0.5S (23℃)



Daily tariff timetable




Normal working temperature


Limit working temperature


Store and transportation temperature


Working and store humidity


Measurement range

0~999999.99 kWh


LCD with backlight

Communication rate

RS485:1200bps~9600 bps、Infrared:1200bps

Communication protocol

According to standard《DL/T645-1997》


  1. Positive and negative active energy measurement in maximum 4 tariff, 12 daily tariff periods and 2 seasons.

  2.  Reading and programming by HHU via infrared communication port

  3. Manual LCD Display

  4. Twelve month’s total active energy and T1-4 energy record can be read via infrared or RS485 communication port.

  5. Wide working temperature LCD with backlight and 6+2 digits display; Nonvolatile memory storage ensuring no data loss during power off

  6. Pay electricity cost before energy consumption and monthly T1-4 energy billing on appointed day.

  7. Reading and setting data by IC card.

  8. Overload protection by automatic switch off and overload record.

  9. Real time voltage, current, power measurement and display.

  10. Self-diagnosis for load switch, E2PROM and IC card data.

  11. Non-switch off period setting and emergency allowed energy setting.

  12. Power on/off event records (last 5 times occurrence time)

  13. Terminal cover open detection (latest 5 times opening and total times open record)

  14. Internal audible and LED alarm and switch off, and external output for audible alarm (optional).

  15. Alarm for insufficient energy balance.

  16. When energy uses up, the meter switch off power supply.