Integrated STS Prepaid Gas Meter
Integrated STS Prepaid Gas Meter


LAISON Integrated Type STS Prepaid Gas Meter, with TOUCH KEYPAD on Meter Case for Meter Recharge & Data Query confirms to Public STS Standard IEC62055-41,51 and get certified by STSA (STS Association). 



With full backlight on the Meter’s LCD display, it could be easily read even at night, and equipping with alarm lights to trigger audible & visual alarm in pre-defined case for gentle reminder. 

Gas Purchase could be done in multiple ways like at LAISON STS Vending System, Mobile Vending POS or SMS via customer self-service. Additionally, the client could choose IR PAD as the optional meter recharge way. 

The whole solution provides flexible ways on gas purchasing and meter recharging, which are most attractive feature of LAISON STS Prepayment Meter System. 

1. Basic Functions

1) Real Time Clock 

Adopting separate Real Time Clock (RTC) chip on meter to make sure the accuracy, Error <0.5s/day

2) Step Tariff

Support max. 10 steps of Gas Tariff, realize the real time monetary calculation in meter.
This function only be available for meters with measure mode of By Amount. 
When consumed credit exceeds the fixed gas volume, the credit will be deducted according to the latest price multiply consumed volume. The billing is according to the monthly accumulated gas consumption on different steps.

3) Meter Recharge 

Meter could be recharged via Touch Pad on meter or separate IR Pad via Infrared Communication through TWENTY (20) digits recharge token generated from either LAISON STS vending software or Mobile Vending POS with AquaMall Pro App..

4) Meter Parameters Query 

Meters’ corresponding parameters could be queried via Touch Pad on meter or separate IR Pad via Infrared Communication through TWO (2) digits Data Query Token Group provided by LAISON 

5) Overdraft Function

Emergency Gas, customers could still consume gas even if t he balance credit in meter is used up if Overdraft Function is activated. 

6) Recharge Limitation 

Anti-gas storage, if remaining gas + current recharged gas > recharge limitation, it shall reject the recharge operation, to prevent gas storage. 

6) Insufficient Gas Warning 

Low Credit Alarm, if remaining gas in meter reaches the alarm value, the buzzer should beep and the LCD shall give indication to remind the customers that the gas is about to used up. 

7) Valve Auto-clean

Meter’s valve will be opened & closed or closed and opened once at defined time interval to prevent the valve from stuck and check whether the valve working status.


2. Battery management 

1) TWO (2) leves of low battery warning 

1st level of low battery warning: when battery voltage reaches the 1st level of alarm value, the valve should be closed once to remind the customers to replace the battery in time, at this time. The valve could still be opened for continuous gas usage.
2nd level of low battery warning: when battery voltage reaches the 2nd level of alarm value, the valve should be closed and can not be opened anymore until the battery is replaced. 

2) Data Auto-save when power off

All the data in meter will be stored safely in non-erased memory and valve will be closed when power off. 

3. Secure Management 

1) Encryption Method 

128 bit AES or 3DES Encryption method to ensure the security of info. in meter

2) Anti-magnetic interference 

if external magnetic interference happens, the meter shall close the valve and record this event with exact time and event type

4. Data & Event Record 

1) It stores following alarms on meter with Event Type and Exact Time

Battery Replacelment
External Magnetic Interference
Valve Open/Close Failure 

2) Monthly Consumption Data Record

10 years' Monthly Cosnumption Data Record can be stored and queried

3) Hourly Consumption Data Record (Optional)

Hourly Consumption Data Record can be stored and queried for Trend Analysis and customer monitor