Split STS Prepayment Water Meter
Bluetooth Type STS Prepaid Water Meter
Bluetooth Type STS Prepaid Water Meter

LAISON Bluetooth STS Prepayment Water Meter System (Hereafter referred as Bluetooth STS Water Meter) consists of smart water meter with Bluetooth Communication Module and Smart Mobile Phone with Bluetooth Function.
By Bluetooth Communication between Meter and Smart Mobile Phone, customers could recharge meter and inquire info. at home conveniently. Moreover, LAISON STS Prepayment system could be integrated to local Mobile Money or Credit Card Payment Platform, thus customers could purchase water, recharge meter at home, avoid heavy investment in establishment of Vending Points.
It conforms to STS standard protocol IEC62055-41,51, getting certified from STSA (STS Association)

1. Flexible Water Purchase Way 

One of the advantages of LAISON Bluetooth STS Prepaid Water Meter, is the flexible in Water Purchase, either at 
Vending Points via LAPIS Vending System, At appointed Agency via AquaMall Pro (Vendor) or customer self-service via AquaMall APP. (Home Basic), by payment via E-payment Platform.

Besides the common way, purchase water at Vending Points via Vending System, two other ways are optional for real application (Water Purchase):
1)Via Vendor (Re-seller): Vendor is the one who purchase bulk water from Water Authority first and then re-sell it to end-users.
The 20 digits’ recharge token could be generated for end-users via Smart Mobile Phone as long as the Water Quota allocated to the Vendor is not used up and corresponding receipt could be printed if necessary by Bluetooth Thermal Printer.
End-users could directly PAY CASH to Vendors
2)Customer self-service: LAISON STS Android App. could be integrated to Local Mobile Money or Paypal Payment Platform, if so, customers could purchase water by themselves via Mobile Phone, do payment via Mobile Money or Paypal, then recharge meter via Bluetooth Communication.

2. Convenient Meter Recharge 

After Water Purchasing, getting a 20 digits Recharge Token, Customers could recharge the meter via Smart Mobile Phone, through Bluetooth Communication

3. Easy Meter Data Query 

Meters' corresponding data could be queried by Smart Mobile Phone also, through Bluetooth Communication.